The wonderful thing about the stingrays at Stingray City is that you get to meet all the members of the stingray family – the baby stingray – really cute learning how to get a quick ‘take-away’ lunch from you as shown to them by their teenage siblings or their Mommas and Papas. The rays at stingray city tend to be regulars and many of them have been given nicknames by the local Captains – for example:

Frisbee – so called because he lost his tail completely, somewhere on his travels and looks uncannily like the ‘frisbee’ that you may well have played with at some time!

Darth Vader – female, black – an awesome beauty, gliding through the water as if this is her Kingdom and she has graciously allowed all of us to visit her on a daily basis – so it would be rude of course not to feed her!!

X-Ray & Gamma Ray are 2 other rays who have captivated the imagination of both visitors and Captains alike. You may want to name your own favourites and we invite you to share those names and why via our Blog and we will add them to the list we have started here!

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