Sting ray City is truly beautiful - the crystal blue waters, the glorious reef of in the distance, the colourful boats gently swaying in the breeze and of course the 2 dozen or so ‘tame’ Atlantic Southern stingrays – is what makes this Caymans most famous tourist attraction. Here your boat will position you so that you can stand in the shallow waters known as the ‘sandbar’ and meet the stingrays who await the visitors like hungry chicks waiting for their momma to come and feed them. Here you get to swim with and feed the stingray in less than 4 feet of water, watch them glide gracefully by and create memories that you and your family will never forget.

Let us dispel any fears you may have about stingrays – they are actually very shy animals and can only inflict a sting if they are stepped on by mistake while lying unseen feeding in the sand. Visitors to stingray city do not encounter this because the rays are constantly moving through the water looking for a handout of squid or fish from you!!

Good to remember that thousands and thousands of children have kissed, fed and touched the stingray here in Cayman and are still here to tell the tale!!

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