Important General Information

  • Firstly Capt Crosby was the first one who actually trained the stingray to eat from people's hands
  • He has never had anyone hurt in any way whilst they have been with him on his trips - and he has been doing this for over 30 years. And in Cayman no one has ever been killed by a stingray ever! For those of you concerned about what happened to Steve Irvin - it is likely according to Capt Crosby that the unfortunate Steve must somehow have managed to get the barb at heart level for himself and Capt Crosby's theory is he was holding the stingray from behind, the stingray reversed to get away and that is how the barb went into his heart - if it had gone anywhere else in his body that man would still be Crosby says people should discount that accident as the man was likely holding the stingray incorrectly - Crosby always holds the stingray by the tail and under the head area.
  • The Cayman Government have removed the tip end of the barb which is on the stingray's tail - the part of the tail closest to the stingray's body - so that even if a visitor were to stand on a tail by accident its highly unlikely they would be hurt as it would be hard to pierce their skin with the barb blunted.
  • The stingrays are actually shy animals and only come to the sandbar now because they are used to getting fed there. They are friendly and they do sometimes nudge up against people but that is because they are hoping you will feed them. Good to remember that thousands and thousands of children have kissed, fed and touched the stingray here in Cayman and are still here to tell the tale!
  • Most importantly the Captain gives specific instructions on how to behave with the stingray before entering the water

Consequences of being stung by a sting ray and treatment options:

  • Firstly it is really unlikely that anyone would get stung by the stingray's barb - but if they did - it would hurt, like a sting from anything would hurt.
  • If someone got stung the Captain's all have First Aid kits on board, which include things like disinfectants like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, gauze etc. and the Captain would dress the wound
  • If the Captain felt it was necessary he would call for a small fast boat and the person would be taken ashore to the hospital. All the Captain's co-operate so if there was one at the Sandbar it would take the person in and if not they would call the Port for one. Please note there has never been any necessity to do this since tourists have been visiting the stingray.

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