Restaurants/Some Things To do whilst on Island


  • The best value / quality and nice ambience for a good steak is at Copper Falls - it's middle of the road in terms of price for here
  • Ragazzi - great Italian place - very consistent - nice ambience, if it is not too busy
  • Alfresco's for lunch - local food - great position right on the water – popular with both locals and visitors alike
  • Eats - for your typical American breakfast – opposite the Westin
  • Eduardo's is another very nice restaurant - and sometimes they have music there
  • The Royal Palms is a fun place on a Friday and Saturday night - they usually have live bands playing socca, reggae etc....and there is a dance area - the music starts somewhere between 8 and 8.30pm and you can have dinner there also. It's under the stars right by the ocean.
  • The Wharf and Calypso Grill are 2 popular ones but more expensive than the others.
  • Macabuca is a lovely place to watch the sun set and have a drink or a meal - right by the water - either lunch or evening – casual

There are many more restaurants but this should get you started!

Things to do – besides Stingray city for those of you enjoying a longer stay on island

  • Both children and adults love the Turtle Farm - and it has an aviary as well as its own crocodile!
  • There are 2 dolphin places - I like the one in Morgan's harbour because it is more natural.
  • There is a submarine trip and a glass bottom boat - either of those would be exciting - me personally I don't like to be in enclosed places so I would be opting for the boat!
  • Camana Bay - is a "new area” - you HAVE to go there because even though it is not very traditional there is a nice water edge walk, shops, restaurants and coffee shops –“I like the Ortanique restaurant up there. There is a great book shop that has things going on for kids also.”
  • Then you have to drive around West Bay - and though it may feel a little rustic to look at - there are beautiful flowers and you get a sense of what the island was like 50 years ago.
  • A must is a drive over to Rum Point and Kaibo and bring your swim both those places you can also get lunch and hang out. But if you keep to the coastline on the drive over there you will see the best of that side of the Island and there are places like the Lighthouse and Morrits to stop and have a drink or coffee etc.
  • On a Saturday night at The Wharf they have a great entertainer called the Barefoot Man who sings many songs about the local people etc. - he is good and has a backing band - you can have dinner - I think he starts at 8.30am
  • Then you have the Local Art Gallery - but you will need to get your condo staff to find out the best times to go there.
  • And if you can go to the Local Museum - because that is a fascinating place where they run a video of how the island has evolved - but do it in a dramatic way - that the kids will love I think

I am sure there are more, but that lot should get you all started!!

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