How deep is the water?
From where the boat is anchored by the sandbar it can be anywhere between 3 to 6ft and where we will be operating with the stingray it is around 3ft. Where we normally snorkel the depth is generally between 8 and 10 ft of water. Life jackets are available for all passengers who wish to use them.

Is it dangerous to play with Stingrays? Could I get stung like Steve Irwin?
No...These stingrays are very friendly and have been hand fed by humans for over 35 years. They see large numbers of people on a daily basis. Even though they are free to come and go they associate human interaction with free food and seem to love being in our company. Stingrays are not naturally aggressive. But to avoid accidentally standing on a stingray you just need to be careful where you step whilst on the sandbar as its barb or stinger is located half way down the tail. For that reason we recommend standing or walking at the sandbar rather than swimming - though it is fine where necessary to swim to the sandbar from the boat - but most times you don't even have to swim to the sandbar. We treat the stingrays with common sense and respect and as a result in 36 years we have never had an accident.

How can I make a reservation?
Use our simple online RESERVATION FORM

Do you take last minute bookings?
Yes....many people do and often get replies to their reservation while on route to the island. Simply email and follow by a phone call.

What information do you need from me when I make a reservation?
Your name, the name of your ship, arrival date and time , number of people and a contact number where possible.

Can I still take your tours even though I'm not on a cruise ship?
Yes. We also cater to people staying in Grand Cayman. Reserve on line, mentioning the date you would like to book and where you are staying.

I can advise you on dates/time/ availability. You can also telephone me on island at 916-1725. Look for our rack cards in the hotels and condos or ask your concierge.

Where do I find out about the stingray city tour and prices etc?
Click on "Stingray" in the menu bar above for everything you need to know. Check out the photo gallery, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

What are the pros and cons of your tour compared to the cruise ship offered tour?
Our tour
You are in the capable hands of the highly experienced Captain Crosby and his staff members helping you handle and interact with the stingrays safely. We teach you where and how to stroke the stingrays safely and with respect.

Cruise ship tour
Staff members focus on taking and selling you your photo. We don't do that. Cruise ship staff don't provide food to feed the stingrays, we do.

Our tour
Half the price with a smaller group and staff who are experts in every aspect of your tour.

Cruise ship tour
Twice the price on an absolutely packed boat.

Be sure to check out Trip Advisors for independent reviews from satisfied customers who have enjoyed our tours over the years.


If I go on your tour could I miss my last tender?
We are very focused and aware of cruise departure times. No one taking our tour has ever missed their last tender.

Can all age groups enjoy your tour? Are their age limits?
No age limits. Babies to 90 year olds, we have safely entertained them all. We know that parents will be paying particular attention to their younger children.

Can I still do this tour if I can't swim?
Yes, the stingray interaction is in about 3 feet of water. We have life vests which allow the non swimmers to enjoy the water activity as well. We just ask that you know and respect your own limitations.

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