Renaissance Man

The Renaissance man, Captain Crosby - Pioneer of Stingray City


He is an accomplished boat builder, catboat racer, sailor, original stingray trainer, amazing skin diver, his fish stew and conch ceviche is second to none and in his spare time he is a well known musician, singer, entertainer, and dancer and even dabbles in poetry. He has made life- long friends of many of his customers since meeting them via his business or on the dance floor at the old Holiday Inn or these days at the fabulous Royal Palms - where he regularly dances on a Friday and Saturday night to live Caribbean music under the moon and stars with the ocean gently lapping in the background - you will love that experience too. So he can tell you all about the best of Cayman Island nightlife!

Known by his customers of 35 years or more as a thorough gentleman, whose word can absolutely be relied upon. He puts his customer's safety first at all times and would never do a trip if he had the slightest doubt about the weather conditions.

Born and raised on Cayman he has seen it develop from a warm and friendly but mosquito tormented island to a much reduced mosquito population with an intriguing blend of the old and the new. His Cayman today has managed to retain much of its old heritage as exemplified in its traditional houses, gardens, amazing scenery and hospitality whilst making space for a thriving tourist industry and world renowned financial services sector. Captain Crosby himself mirrors this type of development, he has a wealth of real local knowledge which he is very happy to share - but this is also a man who has travelled extensively and who is always open to change and new ideas. Since he was 7 years old he has been fishing the water around Cayman, he has an amazing work ethic coupled with a wonderful sense of humour and life philosophy. He lives very much in the moment and like most people who live a long and healthy life he makes little distinction between work and play - for him it is about being "present" in the moment....this is why he is so well thought of and why so much of his business is repeat business.

He wants to emphasise the warm welcome he feels and extends to people of all nations - whose patronage he has always enjoyed.


The Boats


The Snorkelers Dream

Snorkelers Dream


She is a gorgeous trimaran sailing boat that also has a diesel engine, typically we power out on the outward journey and sail quietly back, play guitar and generally relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. She has a gib and a main sail with the gib being primarily used.

She is 47Ft long and 20ft wide and has a 5 ft free board. She can take up to 50 people and has been outfitted for our guests' comfort and convenience. She has 2 platforms aft with a ladder abreast of the platform and one ladder forward for easy access to the water from either end. We have a good freshwater shower and a comfortable marine toilet.   The boat is fitted out with comfortable seating all around the boat and we have a sun deck which the avid sun worshippers can stretch out on! We use the awning and the cabin on days that are extremely hot.

We provide masks, fins and snorkelling vests for all passengers including child sizes... Along with all the usual safety equipment, first aid kit, oxygen mask, emergency lighting and safety life line. She also carries the highest of insurance ratings to comply with the stringent requirements required of all of the tour boats. We are happy to say this has never had to be used.


Ideal for Cayman boat rentals

The Come Along

The Come Along


Is a real fast 40 ft trimaran also equipped with engine and sails just like its sister boat The Snorkelers Dream. She is 17ft wide and has a 3.5 ft free board.? She is built for fun and smaller groups of people and moves through the water so smoothly and quickly. She is a joy to sail also. The maximum number of people we carry on her is 25.
This boat has all of the equipment and facilities outlined above and again is a great boat for sun worshippers. You will love her as much as we do!

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