Grand Cayman Island Snorkeling Tours and Stingray City: Captain Crosby Watersports and True Caymanian Entertainment

Evidenced Based Headline: Trip Advisor review – “The only guy out there that really understands the stingrays, you get the best tour and the best advice with him!”

"Captain Crosby teaches a Stingray to feed from people's hand - over 35 years ago - in a place that is now called Stingray City"
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"Captain Crosby can answer any question you have about Stingray City or the other fish life in the region"
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"Over 35 years of Excellence in Service to customers from all over the world"
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"Captain Crosby is fondly referred to as the 'Singing Captain' - Want to hear the Captain Sing? Book Now!"

Welcome to the Cayman Islands! Let Crosby's Cayman Water sports and true Caymanian entertainment add some unforgettable highlights to your holiday in Grand Cayman - particularly your Stingray and Snorkeling tours and Private Customized Charters:

  • Enjoy his 47ft Trimaran the Snorkeler's Dream (Capacity 50 people)
  • Or take a ride on his 40ft Trimaran 'the Come Along' (Capacity 25 people)
  • Learn how to handle, feed and kiss the stingray from the man who was the first to train the stingray to eat from human hand
  • Snorkel with the most experienced Captain in Cayman
  • Snorkeling gear and life jackets are provided at no extra charge
  • Enjoy his guitar playing and singing on the journey
  • Captain Crosby has an impeccable safety record

His mission is to take you on the most authentic journey through Cayman's outstanding natural beauty – travel with a Captain who has 45 years experience of Cayman charter boating and gives the best of customer service to his clients – as evidenced by the volume of repeat business that he gets – multiple generations of different families returning year after year to travel with him again. Check him out on Trip Advisor - he is famous in the Western Caribbean for his outstanding excursion trips.

Sail with this pioneer of stingray city and learn about what life has been and is currently like in Cayman – enjoy meeting the stingray with the man who was the First to train them to feed from the hand of humans - yes back in the 1980's they fed on the scraps left by the local fisherman whilst cleaning their daily catch - but they are very shy animals and it took Captain Crosby 6 months to get them trusting enough to feed from his hand - a feat which has lead to a very important business for the whole island. The patience and respect he demonstrated with the stingray is also evident in how he assists more nervous visitors, young children and people of his own vintage who may need some extra care.

If you are interested in Cayman Island's bone fishing, deep sea fishing, boat building, catboat racing, skin diving, etc. he is the man, he has done it all to the highest level and has never lost his enthusiasm and interest in all of these activities - with him, every day is truly a new day - a fresh experience - you will love travelling with him. He has been doing all this for a long time now and he knows how to do it right.

Normally he will take you to Stingray City first, however if that is a little busy he is ever flexible and will take you snorkeling and then back to the stingrays. Your comfort and safety is always his main priority.

So whether your interest lies in:

  • Cayman Islands tours
  • Cayman Islands snorkelling
  • Cayman Island fishing
  • Cayman boat rentals
  • Cayman Islands Stingray City
  • Cayman Islands sunset tours
  • True Caymanian Entertainment

Be sure to make a reservation with Captain Crosby Cayman Watersports for an authentic Cayman Islands experience.

"We look forward to greeting you and thank you for travelling with us"

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